Form Filling Instructions

Volunteer recruitment has begun. Please be sure to fill out the form carefully and answer as many questions as possible. Recruitment will end by the end of November 2022. Please note that this form is only for applying to Tampere.

We recommend filling the application carefully and answering all the questions. Mandatory questions will be marked with a red dot, and voluntary questions can be passed by pressing “next questions”. To enhance your chance of being chosen as a volunteer, please include as much information as possible. It is not necessary to attach a photo to your application.

Please choose at least 1 task you are interest in, and maximum 5 tasks. Use the last page of the form to fully describe your abilities.

The official languages are Finnish and English, and you should be completely fluent in at least one of them. Please mention all the languages in which you have proficiency.

All of the applications will retain in GateHQ until the tournament ends. If you do not get selected, you will be placed in reserve. Please inform us in case you wish to have your information deleted from GateHQ. 

All information will be emailed to you, so please check your email after sending the application.

Finally, please confirm your user account (email) and password. Improvements and updates can be done to your application afterwards.

Warmly welcome to join us!